“Kern River Conservancy is taking conservation to a whole new level. Their educational approach, innovative campaigns and service-minded attitude, places them at the forefront of preservation and is blazing a trail towards success in restoration and protection. Through visitor engagement, local education and an impressive work effort they have dramatically improved the environmental impacts on the Kern River. Thanks to the Kern River Conservancy, and its founder Gary Ananian, this pristine watershed is no longer being loved to death.” – Jenna Hanger and Sam Ovett, Leave No Trace Center for Outdoor Ethics – Subaru/Leave No Trace Traveling Trainers


Kern River is home to 3 of California's Native Heritage Trouts, The Kern River Rainbow, Little Kern Golden and California's official state fish, The Golden Trout. The population of these fish have become dire as our waterways continue to warm up from the climate of our planet and the ongoing destructive drought in California. Adding to the factor of the threat, is free range cattle grazing that has destroyed precious meadows and streams which the trout rely on for a healthy habitat. Our exclusive relationship with our partners will create a unique outreach program on engaging anglers and outdoor enthusiasts on the importance of conservation and the safe practice of catch and release targeting current and future generations of anglers.

Photo Credit - Michael Carl, Eco Angler.

Photo Credit - Michael Carl, Eco Angler.


Kern River Conservancy is proud to announce a joint partnership with Keepers of the Kern and Thomas Refuse with the approval and guidance of the United States Forest Service, Adopt A Campsite.

Adopt a campsite is a program founded back in 2013 by our founder, Gary Ananian. This project permits businesses and sponsors to donate the annual cost of trash bins and portable toilets at campsites allowing river visitors to use sanitary toilet stations and accessible trash bins. With donated trash bins and toilets, campers and visitors have readily accessible amenities to help reduce the environmental impact of high visitor use in and around the river, preventing damage to wildlife habitat and the river’s water quality. 2014 was the first trial for the Adopt a Campsite program and we’re pleased to announce that the placement of the donated trash bins and portable toilets have successfully reduced the environmental impact by over 75%.



Kern River Conservancy is committed to building a foundation with our local community and the river’s recreational visitors in hopes of teaching and implementing wilderness ethics such as Leave No Trace and establishing a river stewardship program and educational outreach with our partners from Leave No Trace, The National Forest Foundation, The National Environmental Education Foundation and CalTrout. With these partnerships and trained educators, we hope to bridge the gap of social changes, trout conservation and drought awareness. 

Kern River Conservancy was selected by Leave No Trace as a national hot spot for 2016. Leave No Trace Center for Outdoor Ethics teaches people of all ages how to enjoy the outdoors responsibly and is the most widely accepted outdoor ethics program used on public lands. Through relevant and targeted education, research and outreach, the Center ensures the long-term health of our natural world. In its simplest form, Leave No Trace is about making good decisions to protect the world around you – the world we all enjoy. Do your part to pass our nation’s heritage of outdoor recreation to future generations.


Kern River Conservancy works closely with the United States Forest Service and many other agencies and private organizations to ensure the protection, restoration and management of recreational and camping facilities in the Kern River watershed. Our goal is to organize successful river clean ups uniting campers and the local community to care for our public lands and waterways, with the dedication of our mission and the persistent commitments of our volunteers and partners.